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Economy Remained Positive in 2011

"In 2011, Florida’s economic growth remained in positive territory for the second year after declining two years in a row."
Huge Improvement in Reputation of The Auto Industry And Big Drop In Reputation Of Airlines
"... since 2009, when the survey was last conducted ... a huge improvement in the number of people who think that the automobile industry is doing a good job of serving consumers and a very large increase in those who give the airline industry bad marks..."

Seniors Outnumber Teenagers in the Job Force
"Today in the United States there are significantly more seniors in the labor force than teenagers. The shift happened in 2007-2008. And it’s the first time ever that seniors outnumbered teenagers in the labor force..."
Based in Fort Myers, Strategy Marketing Research of Florida specializes in the design, implementation and analysis of local area surveys. With over 14 years of survey experience, we strive to work with our clients to develop surveys that will yield results that are both insightful and actionable.
Constantly growing competition and changing economic environments underscore the importance of delivering exceptional customer service. You can proactively use the results from surveys to improve the service you provide and the business decisions you make.

 The most cost effective,
 time-efficient method
 for getting information
 from populations
 already connected to
 your business (employees,
customers, etc.) 

 Print surveys are still
 effective tools for  reaching a random
 sample or if your
 target population has
 a significantly high percentage of people who do
not have easy access to or use computers.

 When you need
 qualitative insights
  into the "whys" and
 "wherefores", focus
 groups allow you to
go more in-depth into issues you know about and can lead you to insights you may have been overlooking.

Strategy Marketing Research of Florida was started in 1997 by Harris Segel who has been involved in market research in Southwest Florida for over 19 years. He has designed, implemented and presented research for numerous broadcast television staions and business associations and has been a guest lecturer at Florida Gulf Coast University.
A resident of Fort Myers for the past 28 years, Mr. Segel grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania before attending Memphis State University.

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Florida Population and Demographic Information
(Fla. Office of Economic Development Research)
  Florida Population Estimates
(Community Health Assesment Resource Tool Set)
State & County QuickFacts
(U.S. Census Bureau)

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